Bar Centers

18" Bar Caddy

The 18" Bar Caddy includes an ice bin with removable lid, removable condiment tray, and towel holder to complement your outdoor island and make serving guests easy.

30" Bar Caddy

The 30" Bar Caddy is a larger caddy which includes a sink with a faucet, cutting board, removable condiment tray, ice chest with removable lid and a bottle opener for the ultimate grill master.


30'' Door/Drawer Combo

The 30" Door/Drawer Combo has 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel, fully enclosed drawer components, and double lined doors for easy storage of grilling accessories and cleaning products.

38'' Door/Drawer Combo

The 38" Door/Drawer Combo is a larger component that is stainless steel and has double lined doors for easy storage of grilling accessories and cleaning products.

Door/Propane Drawer Combo

The Door/Propane Drawer Combo is stainless steel and has room to store trash or your propane tank as well as an access door to connect to your grill.



Access Door

Access Door with Lock and Frame, Stainless Steel



Misc Stainless Steel

24” Commercial Style Griddle

The new Bull Commercial Style Griddle is the newest addition to the most complete line of outdoor kitchen components and grills in the industry. Like all of Bull’s products this is constructed of 304 stainless steel and uses three 304 Stainless Steel Burners to produce 45,000 BTU’s of Power under a chromium plated griddle designed to withstand it’s intended outdoor application.

Ice Chest

Ice Chest with Cover and Drain


Side Burners

Tool Kits

Homeowners Kit

Contains these items

  • Long Handled Peel
  • Long Handled Brush
  • Infrared Thermometer

Professional Kit

Contains these items:

  • Professional Perforated Peel
  • Professional Turning Peel
  • Professional Ash Shovel
  • Professional Brass Bristle Brush
  • Infrared Thermometer

Umbrellas & Stools