Not All Grills Are Created Equal

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Bull BBQ Grills are made from the finest materials! Their new ReliaBULL technology includes unprecedented heating across the entire grill surface, eliminating uneven heating which enhances the overall grilling experience. With their 15,000 BTU burners and ReliaBull Heat Technology, Bull Premium BBQ grills generate more heat, evenly, than the basic 12,000 BTU burners found in most cheaper standard grills. Bull BBQ Grills are simply second to none which is why Bull Outdoor Products have pioneered the concept of outdoor barbecue islands allowing background barbecue enthusiasts to showcase their grilling talents much like professional chefs. Whether cooking for your family or entertaining for friends, with a Lifetme Warranty covering the grates, firebox and premium burners, we at Bull believe that a Bull Grill will be the last grill you will ever have to buy!

Grilling Outdoor Recipes

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