Grill Tools

22" Bull bamboo Chopping Block

Bamboo is well-known to naturally replenish itself, making these eco-friendly Bull Chopping Blocks an Outdoor Kitchen must have. These Bull Bamboo Chopping Blocks are extremely durable, less prone to bacteria build-up than wood, composed of natural bamboo and can handle the toughest cutting and chopping jobs. The jumbo 330 sq.

Cast Iron Rectangular Grill Press

Our Cast Iron Rectangular Grill Press keeps your food in contact with the hot grill.

Corn Grilling Basket

The corn grilling basket is essential for grilling corn to perfection. It is adjustable and holds four ears of corn.

Grill Grate Lifter

Our Grill Grate Lifter and its powerful spring mechanism lets you grab and lift a hot grate safely with one hand with its heat shield protecting your hand.

Marinade Injector

The Marinade Injector has a long stainless steel needle that allows for easy injection of flavor for grilling the perfect meat.

Orchard Rosewood Handle Steak Knives

Our Steak Knives are stainless steel with contoured redwood handles and come in a set of 4.

Pit Mitt

Our pit mitt can withstand extreme heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit (276 degrees Celsius) and is reversible to fit both left and right hands.

Soft Grip Handle Big Head Grill Brush

The Soft Grip Handle Big Head Grill Brush has a comfortable handle for an easy grip to clean your grill with efficiency and ease.

Soft Grip Handle Locking Tongs

The Soft Grip Handle Locking Tongs' easy locking assembly allows food to be firmly transported to serving dishes.

Soft Grip Handle Spatula

This red, Soft Grip Handle Spatula has a longer handle that allows for easy retrieval of food from the grill and comfortable, easy grip.

Stainless Mini Burger Grilling Basket

Our Stainless Mini Burger Grilling Basket with rosewood handles holds nine mini burgers.

Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket

The Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket has a flexible wire that expands to fit the shape of your food. It is great for chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket

Our Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket has Rosewood handles, holds up to 6 sausages, and is easily adjusted for height.

Stainless Steel Grill Clips

The Stainless Steel Grill Clips help to grill individual portions of vegetables with ease.

Vineyard Rosewood 3PC BBQ Tool Set

This tool set comes complete with contoured rosewood handles and generously sized tools.

Vineyard Rosewood Handle Big Head® Grill Brush

This grill brush comes with contoured rosewood handles, a stainless steel Big Head, and a replaceable head.

Vineyard Rosewood Handle Spatula

Our Spatula has contoured rosewood handles and a built in bottle opener.

Vineyard Rosewood Handle Tongs

Our Tongs have contoured rosewood handles and have extra long reach for all your grilling needs.