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Even with a slightly diminished field the competition was still tough at this years Indianapolis Bull Burger Battle hosted by Family Leisure. The competitors not only had to deal with the field, but the weather was also a factor as it rained off and on throughout the day. The judges included the Utah Jazz's George Hill who has judged the past Indianapolis Burger Battles and he along with the other esteem members of the panel were eagerly looking forward to this years turn ins.

Three years ago, Barbara Nureddine visited Haiti, known to be the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, for the first time. She thought she was prepared for what she would encounter. She wasn't. No one is. "The unrelenting poverty - family after family, community after community - is almost more than one can take in," according to Nureddine.
But take it she did and upon returning home, she and her husband, Mark Nureddine, owner of Bull Outdoor Products, partnered with For A Reason (FAR) a non profit working in rural Haiti to educate children.

The father and son duo of Ron and Matt Otto were the last team standing at this year's Sand Diego Bull Burger Battle. Having to face off against the best burger masters in southern California the two, led by the elder head cook Ron, executed a near perfect Polynesian inspired burger that thrilled the panel of judges. Ron has competed in every Bull Burger Battle since its inception and this year was his year to be crowned champion.

With the heat index well over 100 degrees and the humidity off the charts, the 2016 Chicago Bull Burger Battle held at the American Sale in Orland Park was sure to be the ultimate test of fire. The competitor field was stacked with some of the best Burger Masters in the area, let alone the country. Two past Chicago Burger Battle Champions rounded off a field of 16 teams including several teams that have World Food Championship experience. One competitor, Lance Avery of Big Fork’s brand Bacon Sausage, came in 4th place in last year’s World Burger Championship.

June 23, 2016 at 3:26 PM
MAHOPAC, N.Y.— Nothing says “summer” like the smell of a burger sizzling on the grill. Many folks couldn’t resist following their noses to local retailer Best in Backyards in Mahopac last Saturday, June 18, as contestants in the 2016 New York Bull Burger Battle were grilling up their best burger recipes in hopes of qualifying for a spot in the World Food Championships later this year.

Bull Outdoor Products teams up with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department in sponsoring the 5th annual S.E.A.T Chili and BBQ cook-off competition. The primary function of the Sheriff's Employees Assistance Team is to provide assistance and support to our department's employees, volunteers, and retired personnel in any critical situation from the time they are hired through retirement. Employees, volunteers, retirees, and their families are assisted during major illnesses, living condition emergencies (home fires, etc.), and funeral arrangements.

Chef Vivant's simple iTunes-style interface allows Bull to consolidate a select recipe collection into a smart digital library where you can browse quickly, organize easily, search effectively and cook with confidence. You no longer have to look through piles of clipped recipes or flip through stacks of heavy cookbooks—with Chef Vivant all of your favorite Bull recipes are right at your finger tips. This cutting-edge kitchen companion enables the everyday cook to plan and prepare meals and menus with confidence and control.

Bull recently visited the campus of California Polytechnic State University where Bull sponsors a Senior Study on thermodynamics and efficiency of the grilling surface as it pertains to the premium Bull BBQ Grill. The two students that created the study were Marty Dodge and Sam Melo, both seniors in the Mechanical Engineering program. Together the devised a testing apparatus that could accurately measure the temperature across the entire grilling surface.

Michael Carbo takes all the glory and bragging rights at the 2016 Baton Rouge BULL Burger Battle hosted by Goodwood Hardware. The newly crowned Burger Master inched out his own son, Leighton Carbo, by thinking outside the box and executing a perfect Duck Burger. Leighton, a Sous Chef for Sullivan's Steak House thought he had a winner with his ultimate Breakfast Burger, but even though his burger scored well he couldn't top dear old dad. Rhonda Titus rounded out the top entries with her third place burger the All American Burger.

BULL Outdoor Products have teamed up with the Kansas City Steak Company to provide the ultimate BULL BBQ Grilling Experience at this years BULL Burger Battles. Each event this year will feature an area dedicated to giving the consumer a tangible experience with BULL's premium line of BBQ Grills. There they will be able to touch and feel the quality of a BULL Grill, as well as turn it on and feel the heat. To compliment this experience the Kansas City Steak Company will be providing samples of their premium cuts of beef and burgers that will be grilled up for the public to test drive.